We originally hired Trindl Painting & Design to refinish our custom, cherry kitchen cabinets. Every step of the way Trindl's expert staff treated our project with the utmost care and attention to detail. Great communication, careful handling of our woodwork and  an overall respect and professionalism every time they were on the job spoke volumes of their tremendous pride in workmanship.
The fished product way exceeded our expectations in it's finish and quality. We were beyond ecstatic! In fact, we had them come back and help with other projects we had in the works, including design services an additional labor.
You will not find more creative, trustworthy and detail orientated professionals anywhere. (Julie Ann Courim)
My husband and I built a custom log home in Breckenridge, CO in 2008. Eric Trindl and his team provided the interior painting and staining. We picked colors together. Eric's skill at paint color selection saved me from making a huge mistake.I wanted a dark chocolate color for the our great room. He convinced me that a lighter, warmer chocolate would be a better choice. He was spot on. He called me and said "I don't think your going to like the color in the entry/kitchen/hallway." We chose another color. I came up after the second coat was done. He asked me how I liked it. " I guess I can get used to it." He said  "Everything is taped and prepped, paint is relatively cheap in the big picture and I want you to love it!" Another trip to the paint store and the 3rd time was the charm. I did love it! Eight years later our home looks as fresh and new as it did then. Eric uses quality products and proffesional workers with amazing attention to detail. He is also a wizard with stains and stain colors.
Unfortunately initially we used another group for the exterior. Two years later when the logs were bare in places, Eric and his team restored the outside of our home to look as good as the inside. His prices were significantly lower than the previous poor job. On a 5 star rating we would give Eric and Trindl Painting & Design 10 stars. They are the best!   (Patricia Walker)