"It seems that often times there's a void between the different aspects that influence finish work. Architects, Designers, General Contractors, Facility/Project managers and Painters all have their strengths within their fields but there usually is a void between the Design, facility or project management and installation aspects of finish work. That's were I feel I can come up with the answers that bring the right coatings, in the right color(s) and with the best and most efficient application methods to my clients using my team of professional painters or helping others "




Eric has been involved professionally in the painting and design industry for over 30 years accumulating and developing an extensive understanding of painting applications, products as well as design and layout concepts to achieve the best possible product and customer satisfaction. He started painting as a summer job in high school on the North Shore of Chicago apprenticing under his brother Chip getting hands on training in restoration painting. "Working on 100 year old houses you learn really fast that nothing goes perfectly so figuring out and implementing a Plan B or even C are great strengths to have." The two brothers started Trindl Decorating in 1987 serving the same Chicago communities with a full list of services including painting, wallpapering, plaster and wood repair, and all the preparation techniques resulting in the highest quality finishes that were featured in Better Homes and Gardens, a regional architecture and design magazine and numerous houses featured in parade of homes events.


After ten years with Trindl Decorating he moved to Breckenridge, Colorado in 1997. This brought on a need to learn an entirely different set of finishing skills that focused more on high end production and spray applications rather than the hand work learned in Chicago. After almost a year Trindl Decorating West was started. Working with builders, architects, designers and homeowners to produce the same high quality finishes and beautiful results that were achieved in Chicago. Working with clients he put together the proper types of paints, stains, their color combinations as well as faux finishes and other fixtures.