Having Your Paint Color Isn't Enough...

I can't tell you how many times I've had a client who's told me or one of my team they used Benjamin Moore HC-37 or Sherwin Williams SW 7060 but that's all they have for us. Well having the color is great and a step in the right direction but you need to know the brand,  type and sheen of that paint to really get it as close as possible to right result if you want to use that color again to re-roll a wall, touch up or paint another area to match that favorite room. If you don't have all that information your probably going to be frustrated....

The brand is fairly obvious but even within the same paint manufacture different types of paint within the line tint differently and if the sheen isn't the same that will cause issues too. The more sheen the deeper or clearer the color will look because the added sheen clarifies the color. So keep a record of what was really used on your project to achieve the best possible consistency or ask your painting contractor to give you a copy of what was used and or if they a copy on file with them. Usually the paint store where they purchased the paint will have it on their records for a decent amount of time too. Don't rely on the  used paint cans. Those disappear all the time. Trust me. Your painting projects or sharing what you did with others will be a lot easier when you take these steps. 

Do Your Homework Before You Hire

Making the right decision when your hiring  someone to paint, create a design layout or both can be a difficult one to make. They are working in your home, office or facility and EVERYTHING they do is right there for everyone to see. There is a big difference "We had some painting done" and   "Can you believe what a huge difference the painting made??"

Here are some steps to make sure you get the second result:

- Get a referral. This is an obvious  step but you need to believe and trust in the opinion of the person giving that referral. Did they say something more than the name of  the  company or person that worked with them? Some thing(s) that really stood out about what they did?

- Go see the work. If you can go see what they've done. Is the paint applied evenly with clean straight lines were the paint transitions to other colors and or trim? Is it on the trim or flooring? Do the colors they used work well together and with the areas the were used in?

- Do they have someone who can help put together the color(s) and layout? Or will you be making multiple trips to the paint store and end up with 5, 6, 7 etc.. colors brushed on your walls? I pick 2 or maybe 3 colors and the samples almost never go up on the walls. There are good reasons for both. Designers are a good option but that adds another component and their rates can be high.

- Do they have BOTH liability and Workman's compensation insurances? If they don't have workman's compensation insurance whoever is working on the project is your employee not the "companies." If there is a accident involving an injury to a worker things could very well get complicated and difficult.

- Do the people working on your project have background checks? They will be working in your Home/Place of Business/Facility so this information will give you more peace of mind. 

- Will you be able to communicate with the painters working on your job and are they nice people to work with. 

These are just the major thoughts to keep in mind when you need to make a decision on who's painting for you on your next project. Remember. You want to be completely happy with the whole process of your next painting job from the estimate's price to the product choice(s), design and layout,  to the installation and full completion of your project including any touch-ups. The value added of a job done like this far  exceeds the ultimate cost of a cheaper company's quality, ability and performance.