"The right design and color layout are just the start to a successful project . Combine those with the right products and  proper application and you get the satisfaction and smile of a truly happy client."

                                                                                            - Eric Trindl   



Our Purpose

We share design consultation and product education so our clients understand the difference a few small changes can make in their project. Then we provide professional installation using clean, neat and efficient techniques to deliver a value proposition that extends beyond wall color and translates into a creative design experience delivered in a cost effective, eco-friendly and durable manner. 

Our Method

- Meet to discuss your project and provide a appropriate estimate to achieve your needs and goals. We fit our cost to the requirement of each job  from ceiling and wall painting to specialty applications the final price reflects the demands of the project

- Schedule the project that works with your timeline providing the appropriate amount of team members to complete the job as efficiently as possible. We  will order any products so they are ready before your job starts especially in cases were the product or the quantity require extra lead time

- Go over the project scope again prior to the start date to discuss any changes that  require adjustments to the estimate, schedule, staffing, product(s) or design/layout.

- Provide our work using the correct process, application methods and products for the most efficient and least disruptive manner possible. We will review the work thoroughly creating our own punch list and address any issues there may be. If you do find something after that is completed we will address it quickly.

We use these steps to ensure that your painting experience is easy, pleasant and provides the results you expect without the concern or frustration you may worry about. Our job is to make your projects and life easier when we work together.





Email: Trindldecorating@gmail.com

Phone: 303-710-2422